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PortoBene Modules

A Deal and Portfolio System


Deal (Calculations)

Permits deal information to be recorded and sets of notes to be generated, modified, and analyzed.

Performs discount, interest, proceeds, payments and other calculations on discounted and interest bearing notes.

Produces 10 deal-level reports for printing or email.

Portfolio Reports


Prints 15 inventory, exposure, and marketing reports and summaries by portfolio.

Expands the information that can be recorded concerning a deal, groups deals into portfolios, maintains counterparty, currency and country data, and reports on exposures and event.

Funding (Deposits)

Records the liability (deposits) data for funding portfolios and reports on profitability.
Security Restricts user access to any of five categories of functions.

Adds reports, screens, or calculations to support unique requirements of trade finance departments or to meet integration needs of treasury, accounting or other bank departments. Add-ins can provide data links to or from other departments.

Indications Records and reports prospective note purchases and sales and contacts.
Offers Prepares term sheets and records and reports on offers to sell.

Data Export

Selectively extracts data and saves it in XLS, DBF, CSF, and columnar formats. (Bulk extracts exist in the Deal Module)

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