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Trade Finance Software Products

NoteWell provides software for the trade finance and forfaiting professionals.



Structures, reports and tracks discounted, negotiable debt instruments serving discounters, traders, note buyers, issuers and exporters.

PortoBene software provides capability for calculations, portfolio management, deposits and asset matching, and security from unauthorized use.

PortoBene allows for additional capability from add-ins to meet the unique requirements of a trade finance or forfaiting department.

PortoBene provides all the specialty features used in forfaiting. The same software can also be used for other discounted notes, interest bearing notes, floating rate loans, leases and mortgages.

Overview The basic application contains seven modules that can be purchased separately.

The Finance Series reports on: earnings, book value, outstandings, runoff, turnover, HQ summary, cash reconciliation, and other details.

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